Hey, my name is Vincent

I’m a product-minded developer that can help you build an MVP, define your product strategy & roadmap, improve your onboarding or review your code. (Or someone else's.) I can also be your interim CTO.

Basically I’m a jack-of-all trades that is useful in any development team, either at start-up, scale-up, or grown-up level.

My main expertises are Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Elixir & product management. If that sounds like the person you’re looking for, please get in touch or book a slot for a short call in my calendar.

Previously I worked for various companies and clients like Persgroep (MyChannels), DeGoedeZaak, Journa, D66, Springest and ran my own startup Cocoon (now CareerMatch). I would love to hear more about you and work on something great together.